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'Cause this deserves it's own damn box

Amazing art by There-Will-Be-Rain

I'm not gonna raichu a love song.

I should've kept my big meowth shut.

Weedle make you high.

Never gonna give mew up, never gonna let mew down.

Do you bayleaf in life after love?

People say why? I say wynaut!

There's no shaymin losing the game.

Margerine, it's butterfree!

Spheal with it.

What do you call a ghost who scares chickens?

A poultry-geist.

Timothy's not amused.
Amazing art by rainbowcommish

Puns to annoy Timothy

Amazing art by TSMDuchess

I’ve got a friend who has a butler whose left arm is missing, serves him right.

Plane hacks: Always wear a watch while on a plane, that way time flies.

I used to be addicted to the hokey pokey but I turned myself around.

Have you ever tried eating a clock? It's very time consuming.

How does a sniper take their coffee? One shot.

To Do / Waiting On

Amazing art by MindOfEmma

To Do:
-Gift art <333


Waiting on:
-Sweater comm from adwendler (Paid)
-Fullbody from Klepto-Dog (Paid)
-YCH from ProGoTarp (Paid)
-Animated icon from silentsailing (Paid)
-Floranium from ONEIRI (Paid)
-Fullbody from peachypupp (Paid)
-Semi-Chibi from Steam-PunkVixen (Paid)
-Icon from Ex0tic-M4rbles (Paid)
-Icon from amphorass (Paid)
-Icon from pastel-cutee (Paid)
-Fullbody from LittleBunnyWitch (Paid)

About the One They Call Saturday

Amazing art by Tr0n1ka

Saturday | 21 | ♉ | INFJ | She / They | Taken ❤
Formerly Prince-Bee
I'm a total dweeb, don't take me too seriously. Just here to have fun. :peace:
I'm in college and have a job, I'm sorry for any late replies/ updates/ commissions, but alas some things cannot be helped.

Totally rad babes:
Check these nerds out, I guarantee you'll love them.

Insta: @jakeslittlesis
My Poetry Book!:

Amazing art by Zukoukuyo
Custom Box background by Fayven


Well, I'm 21 now! 

7 deviants said Hot damn Saturday, you're old. (I know)

Well Wishes

^Listen to this.^


:iconkazeronda: :iconlamesecrets: :iconjollyypop: :iconthere-will-be-rain: :iconsneezers:


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